Hello! I'm Barbara, English living in France. I hope you enjoy some of my puzzles. You can play them in the size and format that pleases you!


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Ostatnie puzzle

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generative art252generative artCasa Bepi208Casa Bepiriver bend110river bendtraditional Cretan boat70traditional Cretan boatwindowbox30windowboxabstract252abstractFIAC poster210FIAC posterflight of the owl, Sue Coleman108flight of the owl, Sue ColemanKelly Ryan110Kelly Ryanalpine church35alpine church

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AlbumCovercolours 5AlbumCover1000+ playsAlbumCoveranimal photosAlbumCoversmall featured puzzlesAlbumCovercolours 4AlbumCoverlarge featured puzzlesAlbumCovercolours 3AlbumCovercolours 2AlbumCovermedium featured puzzlesAlbumCoverodds and ends