Two weeks vacation...! Hello! I'm Barbara, English living in France. I hope you enjoy some of my puzzles. I always try to credit artists, and get their permission when I can.


colourful 3258×
art 1532×
flowers 841×
landscape 817×
abstract 790×
painting 713×
paintings 493×
houses 491×
trees 361×
animals 308×

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happy birthday Elaine!4happy birthday Elaine!Back in two weeks.20Back in two weeks.abstract, Olga Tobrelutz210abstract, Olga TobrelutzPink flower252Pink flowerPals110PalsVery fine house112Very fine houseIghtham Mote35Ightham MoteThey're Here!, Wade Zahares252They're Here!, Wade ZaharesDancheong ceiling209Dancheong ceilingAndres Barrioquinto108Andres Barrioquinto

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