Hello! I'm Barbara, English living in France. I hope you enjoy some of my puzzles. I always try to credit artists, and get their permission when I can.


colourful 3321×
art 1544×
flowers 858×
landscape 828×
abstract 812×
painting 754×
houses 497×
paintings 495×
trees 364×
animals 309×

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Ship of fools, Thomas Bühler210Ship of fools, Thomas Bühlercoral252coralblue elephants108blue elephantsdragonfly110dragonflyLittle Ochie's seafood bar35Little Ochie's seafood barAngels, Michael Leunig252Angels, Michael LeunigGroundswell210Groundswellseize the day108seize the daythe flower carrier, Diego Rivera110the flower carrier, Diego RiveraDakar35Dakar

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