Hello! I'm Barbara, English living in France. I hope you enjoy some of my puzzles. You can play them in the size and format that pleases you!


colourful (3532)
art (1574)
abstract (883)
flowers (877)
landscape (867)
painting (865)
houses (522)
paintings (504)
trees (368)
colorful (362)

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linked rings, Aatmica Ojha252linked rings, Aatmica Ojhadrinking like a fish210drinking like a fishBefore the storm, C.Karron110Before the storm, C.KarronCuracao beach bar110Curacao beach barweald and downland open-air museum35weald and downland open-air museumapple picking party252apple picking partytown of birds210town of birdshouses110housesfacepaint72facepaintyew berries35yew berries

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