Hello! Barbara, English living in France. There's some of everything in my albums and you can play thee puzzles any size you like. Happy puzzling!


colourful (3801)
art (1627)
painting (1025)
abstract (961)
flowers (919)
landscape (916)
colorful (633)
houses (560)
paintings (507)
trees (386)

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garden party, Laura Heine252garden party, Laura HeineRoss Lynem210Ross LynemNoche tropical, A.Maxwell110Noche tropical, A.MaxwellNavajo blankets110Navajo blanketsin a one unicorn open sleigh24in a one unicorn open sleighSilvia Collar210Silvia Collarvegetables252vegetablesSandy point, Graham Herbert108Sandy point, Graham Herbertrussian nostalgia, Angela Dzherikh72russian nostalgia, Angela Dzherikhremember summer?35remember summer?

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