Two weeks vacation in Crete, whoopee! I can forget about puzzles and rain for a while!!! Hello! I'm Barbara, English living in France. I hope you enjoy some of my puzzles. I always try to credit artists, and get their permission when I can.

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Triopetra beach24Triopetra beachcheerful cafe in Crete35cheerful cafe in Cretea place in the sun32a place in the sunsmall beach near Trypiti35small beach near Trypitifor Paulette30for PauletteYesss!24Yesss!back in two weeks24back in two weeksflowers, Debra Sutton210flowers, Debra SuttonBeatriz Milhazes210Beatriz MilhazesMourtias beach, Pélion108Mourtias beach, Pélion

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