Little Ochie's seafood bar35Little Ochie's seafood barroof of Bell Harry tower, Canterbury cathedral210roof of Bell Harry tower, Canterbury cathedralturrets and towers70turrets and towersKircheim35Kircheimred wall70red wallPhare du Petit-Minou72Phare du Petit-Minouterracotta house, Leyva45terracotta house, Leyvacinque terre35cinque terreWhitby35WhitbyIghtham Mote35Ightham MoteNoyers sur Serein35Noyers sur SereinRome70RomeHigh tide at Mont St. Michel108High tide at Mont St. Michelsunrise at Vernazza108sunrise at VernazzaWroclaw from the air210Wroclaw from the airJodhpur house108Jodhpur houseHohenzollern Hechingen108Hohenzollern HechingenClisson108ClissonArundel castle108Arundel castleVillage cross, Stanton70Village cross, Stanton