Summer drink with you!!15Summer drink with you!!Who will turn into a swan?42Who will turn into a swan?Let's march for the climate today!Sorry for the nudity..6Let's march for the climate today!Sorry for the nudity..a cake a day...45a cake a day...My dream today.......30My dream today.......send me next to Totoro:=}60send me next to Totoro:=}Teach me how to fly!!28Teach me how to fly!!resolution2019:eat as much chocolate28resolution2019:eat as much chocolateSorry Tony this is how I feel..28Sorry Tony this is how I feel..Resolution2019:I'll try to eat organic food!20Resolution2019:I'll try to eat organic food!I want a cat to travel..60I want a cat to ski one day..24to ski one day..14 days....6014 play with them!!!15to play with them!!!Make a wish (or more..)25Make a wish (or more..)a new pair of walking shoes!!20a new pair of walking shoes!!Shopping in 'les galeries Lafayette'!60Shopping in 'les galeries Lafayette'!Your bath is ready ninussa!!!ahah!28Your bath is ready ninussa!!!ahah!to send you there...35to send you there...Let him prepare our favorite food!!!20Let him prepare our favorite food!!!