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lovely (4571)
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nature (3310)
retro (3296)
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pretty (2200)

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Words to specify: +ardena +landforms +view +lovely +highland +spinney +coppice +hillock +mound +mansard

somewhere in USA12somewhere in USAsomewhere in Colombia12somewhere in ColombiaRussian motorcycle12Russian motorcycleAnnecy Lake, France12Annecy Lake, FranceAnnecy, France12Annecy, FranceAnaga, Tenerife12Anaga, TenerifeBojnice Castle, Slovakia12Bojnice Castle, Slovakiasomewhere in Kazakhstan12somewhere in KazakhstanGuatape, Colombia12Guatape, ColombiaMostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina12Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovinatrain12trainMausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, Turkestan15Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, TurkestanLycian Way, Turkey12Lycian Way, Turkeyscooter Vespa, Italy12scooter Vespa, ItalyGreen Library, Stanfort, California, USA12Green Library, Stanfort, California, USASamford Hall, emblem for Samford University, Alabama9Samford Hall, emblem for Samford University, AlabamaATV in the woods12ATV in the woodsHaga, Holland12Haga, HollandPiaynemo, Indonesia12Piaynemo, Indonesialotus somewhere in Chile12lotus somewhere in Chile