Prince20PrinceYsabel LeMay36Ysabel LeMayShot of Coffee24Shot of CoffeeEveryones doing it28Everyones doing itTear of the Soul Rebecca Bathory30Tear of the Soul Rebecca Bathorythe only way to fly35the only way to flyCherry40Cherryglass35glassBouquet42BouquetA Square Meal40A Square MealDom Fuas35Dom FuasHercules42HerculesWhen cheese gets photographed35When cheese gets photographedGlass Marbles40Glass MarblesZippo48ZippoThe Golden Angel30The Golden AngelCockerel Shop Sign42Cockerel Shop SignPirate Concerns Silouette Masterpiece Theater48Pirate Concerns Silouette Masterpiece TheaterGlass Paper Weight35Glass Paper WeightWatch Over Paris45Watch Over Paris