Oliver The Western Engine24Oliver The Western EngineDonald and Douglas, The Twin Engines24Donald and Douglas, The Twin EnginesDuck and Diesel24Duck and DieselToby The Tram Engine24Toby The Tram EnginePercy The Small Engine24Percy The Small EngineJames The Red Engine24James The Red EngineGordon The Big Engine24Gordon The Big EngineHenry The Green Engine24Henry The Green EngineEdward The Blue Engine20Edward The Blue EngineThomas The Tank Engine18Thomas The Tank EngineIvor The Engine12Ivor The EngineNoggin The Nog15Noggin The NogChigley12ChigleyTrumpton12TrumptonCamberwick Green15Camberwick GreenButton Moon15Button MoonWellington and Boot (The Perishers)12Wellington and Boot (The Perishers)Evil Edna (Willo The Wisp)15Evil Edna (Willo The Wisp)The Animals Of Farthing Wood12The Animals Of Farthing WoodRoobarb and Custard Too15Roobarb and Custard Too