Vintage books tied with ribbon40Vintage books tied with ribbonMetro tunnel91Metro tunnelThe face of the clown54The face of the clownPeople in colorful paint77People in colorful paintDad and daughter compete in arm wrestling108Dad and daughter compete in arm wrestlingWicker hearts in hands70Wicker hearts in handsBody Art48Body ArtStone pavement in the light of colored lanterns54Stone pavement in the light of colored lanternsBlack square289Black squareGirl70GirlHouse of cards60House of cardssoap160soapPlate,fork,candle77Plate,fork,candleAsphalt road70Asphalt roadship160shipOld gramophone77Old gramophoneEntrance to the art studio120Entrance to the art studioRadio Receiver Friendship60Radio Receiver FriendshipIn water with balloons91In water with balloonsDance at the fruit shop108Dance at the fruit shop