Dog-Girl-sunrise24Dog-Girl-sunriseElephant-shower time24Elephant-shower timeFiesta in Castril.Andalusia.Spain20Fiesta in Castril.Andalusia.SpainSeal-72024Seal-720Wolf-67520Wolf-675Great Horned Owl24Great Horned OwlOzelot - Leopardus pardalis20Ozelot - Leopardus pardalisMugger crocodile24Mugger crocodileA large Bull Moose24A large Bull MooseSnow dog24Snow dogBlack Bear20Black BearPika24PikaSunset - Thar desert20Sunset - Thar desertLake-Birds-Ducks20Lake-Birds-DucksOpen your mouth and say Aaaah24Open your mouth and say AaaahOpen Wide20Open WideWhat a Hoot16What a HootWorld reining trophy 200624World reining trophy 2006Common Blue 'Polyommatus icarus'24Common Blue 'Polyommatus icarus'A muso duro24A muso duro