Lovable Teddy Eyes!99Lovable Teddy Eyes!Teddy Napping AGAIN !99Teddy Napping AGAIN !Teddy Watching Mom99Teddy Watching MomTeddy With Christmas Toy!99Teddy With Christmas Toy!Teddy Lounging on the Bed99Teddy Lounging on the BedTeddy with Lasers on FULL BEAM!99Teddy with Lasers on FULL BEAM!Teddy Selfie Snoozing108Teddy Selfie SnoozingTeddy Napping on the Couch108Teddy Napping on the CouchTeddy Lounging in the Hallway99Teddy Lounging in the HallwayTeddy Napping on Granny Chair108Teddy Napping on Granny ChairGinger Cat Sitting On Carpet108Ginger Cat Sitting On CarpetWalking With My Dad99Walking With My DadTeddy In the Leaves, Fall 201799Teddy In the Leaves, Fall 2017Big Ginger Cat99Big Ginger CatTeddy Sleeping in Dad's Chair108Teddy Sleeping in Dad's ChairSuper Close-up Ginger Cat120Super Close-up Ginger CatTeddy and Dad 2018108Teddy and Dad 2018Teddy Lounging in Hall120Teddy Lounging in HallTeddy Relaxing108Teddy RelaxingTEDDY LYING IN THE DIRT108TEDDY LYING IN THE DIRT