Tony - May 2020-8792-Edit56Tony - May 2020-8792-EditTulips - May 2020-894354Tulips - May 2020-8943Dogwood Trees at Peace Garden63Dogwood Trees at Peace GardenDogwood Trees at Peace Garden48Dogwood Trees at Peace GardenHotel with a Heart63Hotel with a HeartWaterfront Reflections24Waterfront ReflectionsEmpty Streets - Mar 2020-411360Empty Streets - Mar 2020-4113DeFilippo Garden in Bloom24DeFilippo Garden in BloomLoPresti Park - ar 2020-408048LoPresti Park - ar 2020-4080Cleveland Place36Cleveland PlaceSnow banks in North End Boston99Snow banks in North End BostonTunnel of Love Night - Feb 2020-408548Tunnel of Love Night - Feb 2020-4085St. Valentine's at All Saint's Way30St. Valentine's at All Saint's WayBuried Again72Buried AgainSt. Anthony's Feast from above24St. Anthony's Feast from aboveNEWF Walk Rain - Jul 2019-0668154NEWF Walk Rain - Jul 2019-06681North Bennet Court48North Bennet CourtTrellis with Snow35Trellis with SnowChristmas Display at All Saints Way by Peter Baldassari30Christmas Display at All Saints Way by Peter BaldassariChristopher Columbus Park Trellis with Custom House - Nov 201224Christopher Columbus Park Trellis with Custom House - Nov 2012