and 56×
the 54×
halloween 52×
elvis 48×
cat 45×
vintage 41×
lady 39×
movie 33×
marilyn 32×
christmas 31×
50's 30×
in 26×
1950's 23×
collage 23×
diner 22×
country 20×
girl 18×
night 18×
art 17×
house 17×

48 puzzles tagged elvis

Elvis RCA Album72Elvis RCA AlbumElvis 1968 Comeback Special70Elvis 1968 Comeback SpecialElvis Cartoon Poster72Elvis Cartoon PosterElvis, King of Rock and Roll70Elvis, King of Rock and RollYoung Elvis Motorcycle56Young Elvis MotorcycleElvis No Shirt56Elvis No ShirtElvis "Loving You" Album56Elvis "Loving You" AlbumElvis Food Faves63Elvis Food FavesWe Love Elvis56We Love ElvisElvis Album GI Blues56Elvis Album GI BluesElvis Records70Elvis RecordsElvis and the Blonde63Elvis and the BlondeElvis "Jailhouse Rock" Movie70Elvis "Jailhouse Rock" MovieElvis Showbiz Suit70Elvis Showbiz SuitElvis Presley70Elvis PresleyElvis Las Vegas70Elvis Las VegasElvis Spotlight72Elvis SpotlightElvis Last Supper72Elvis Last SupperElvis Record Cartoon72Elvis Record CartoonElvis Christmas Snow70Elvis Christmas Snow