Elton John Pinball Wizard70Elton John Pinball WizardDick Clark's "American Bandstand"70Dick Clark's "American Bandstand"Wurlitzer "Bubble" Jukebox70Wurlitzer "Bubble" JukeboxJukebox Songs 5 Cents70Jukebox Songs 5 CentsJukebox Dancing70Jukebox DancingJive Bunny Looks Good to Me72Jive Bunny Looks Good to MeJive Bunny Can-Can Party72Jive Bunny Can-Can PartyJive Bunny Hall of Fame72Jive Bunny Hall of FameJive Bunny Swing Mood72Jive Bunny Swing MoodArtistic Violin Display70Artistic Violin DisplaySonny and Cher at Home70Sonny and Cher at HomeSonny and Cher72Sonny and CherJerry Lee Lewis Album72Jerry Lee Lewis AlbumDuke Ellington72Duke EllingtonDuke Ellington70Duke EllingtonMusic Soothes the Soul72Music Soothes the Soul50's Rock and Roll Stars - Can You Name Them?6350's Rock and Roll Stars - Can You Name Them?Piano Keys70Piano KeysJazz72JazzCab Calloway Record 78rpm56Cab Calloway Record 78rpm