Spoilt for Choice - Al & Linda Warfield300Spoilt for Choice - Al & Linda WarfieldEgret with Fish300Egret with FishPair of Gannets by Paul Kettel300Pair of Gannets by Paul KettelOsprey with Trout300Osprey with TroutBlack Kite300Black KiteKingfisher299KingfisherYoung Anhinga300Young AnhingaRose Hips42Rose HipsThe First Blackberries195The First BlackberriesFlamingos at Messolonghi by Vassilis Tangoulis198Flamingos at Messolonghi by Vassilis TangoulisThe Moss Swamp, Romania100The Moss Swamp, RomaniaTarsier Sanctuary, Bohol, Philippines28Tarsier Sanctuary, Bohol, PhilippinesPink Flamingoes99Pink FlamingoesTree Rings100Tree RingsChampac Tree42Champac TreeMosaic Plant, Ludwegia sedioides32Mosaic Plant, Ludwegia sedioidesGulls, Cedar Key, Florida35Gulls, Cedar Key, FloridaJoshua Trees. Mojave Desert150Joshua Trees. Mojave DesertHappy Earth Day 1970-201735Happy Earth Day 1970-2017Parallel Beauty35Parallel Beauty