November Mists, Bavaria300November Mists, BavariaCypress, Atchafalya, Louisiana300Cypress, Atchafalya, LouisianaSpruce Grouse300Spruce GrouseTrumpeter Swans300Trumpeter SwansRainbow Eucalyptus, Maui300Rainbow Eucalyptus, MauiFrozen Tree300Frozen TreeHighlands Red Squirrel300Highlands Red SquirrelTaikan Crane, Yokoyama300Taikan Crane, YokoyamaSafari Savannah300Safari SavannahReddish Egret300Reddish EgretArashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto300Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, KyotoBallet of Red Crowned Cranes by uropsalis300Ballet of Red Crowned Cranes by uropsalisMisty Sunrise300Misty SunriseSpoilt for Choice - Al & Linda Warfield300Spoilt for Choice - Al & Linda WarfieldEgret with Fish300Egret with FishPair of Gannets by Paul Kettel300Pair of Gannets by Paul KettelOsprey with Trout300Osprey with TroutBlack Kite300Black KiteKingfisher299KingfisherYoung Anhinga300Young Anhinga