/POTW/"Circus"-difficult tricks.35/POTW/"Circus"-difficult tricks.Romantic love.24Romantic love./POTW/Where are my Easter eggs?28/POTW/Where are my Easter eggs?/POTW/ Easter Eggs with a smile.28/POTW/ Easter Eggs with a smile.Spring walk of preschoolers28Spring walk of preschoolers/POTW/"St. Patrick's Day"-joyful day.18/POTW/"St. Patrick's Day"-joyful day./POTW/Valentines love24/POTW/Valentines loveIs there a future medalist of the Olympic Games in Korea 2018?24Is there a future medalist of the Olympic Games in Korea 2018?Victory in Zakopane18Victory in ZakopanePOTW. "Hometown...".My country.28POTW. "Hometown...".My country./POTW/ Fitness in Poland24/POTW/ Fitness in PolandRelaxation - I love books24Relaxation - I love booksRelaxation -Let`s love books!30Relaxation -Let`s love books!Tropical Island - exotic dancers24Tropical Island - exotic dancers"World Television Day"-Friends"36"World Television Day"-Friends""World Television Day-favorite film-" Friends"Friends24"World Television Day-favorite film-" Friends"Friends"World Television Day-Favourite actor TV show or film35"World Television Day-Favourite actor TV show or film"World Television Day"Amine Gulse ,Tolgahan Sayisman24"World Television Day"Amine Gulse ,Tolgahan Sayisman"World Television Day-favorite actor- Tolgahan Sayisman24"World Television Day-favorite actor- Tolgahan SayismanTelevision day-favourite film-"Asla vazgecmem"25Television day-favourite film-"Asla vazgecmem"