Dueling Pelicans35Dueling PelicansChickens24ChickensSwan and flower painting35Swan and flower paintingNot another peep out of you35Not another peep out of youAsian Brown Wood Owl36Asian Brown Wood OwlApple face owl36Apple face owlFalco Sparverius - American Kestrel36Falco Sparverius - American KestrelBluebird on Sunflower25Bluebird on SunflowerBird swooping down on Praying Mantis35Bird swooping down on Praying Mantis7 Australian Rainbow Lorikeets357 Australian Rainbow LorikeetsVictoria Crowned Pigeon35Victoria Crowned PigeonBirds - Be Different35Birds - Be DifferentBirds through the glass36Birds through the glassBudgerigar - bird35Budgerigar - birdWhite dove and red rose32White dove and red roseBiddy gathering36Biddy gatheringWoodpecker35WoodpeckerKnobbed Hornbill35Knobbed HornbillSwan reflections35Swan reflectionsTwo Sparrows Painting35Two Sparrows Painting