Caterpillar Spines20Caterpillar SpinesA Rosy Sun12A Rosy SunTwo Women in Blue and Gold4Two Women in Blue and GoldWhale of an Abstract24Whale of an AbstractSpinning Circles- Are They Moving?4Spinning Circles- Are They Moving?Colorful Waves48Colorful WavesSue Coomer Abstract54Sue Coomer AbstractVivid Kaleidoscope36Vivid KaleidoscopeGreat Ball of Fire24Great Ball of FireSparkling Rays120Sparkling RaysCircles12CirclesBright Kaleidoscope300Bright KaleidoscopeFractal Insect221Fractal InsectFractal Seahorse70Fractal SeahorsePurple Flower Abstract30Purple Flower AbstractColorful Kaleidoscope12Colorful KaleidoscopeTie-Dyed Kaleidoscope80Tie-Dyed KaleidoscopeFestival of Colors300Festival of ColorsColorful Grundge Leopard Print240Colorful Grundge Leopard PrintRed Star Center180Red Star Center