Gull with clam54Gull with clamOrange Flowers48Orange FlowersPurple Flowers48Purple FlowersHolding hands96Holding handsLighthouse96LighthouseHarbor seal96Harbor sealRow of bikes96Row of bikesBoats at the wharf96Boats at the wharfGeese and babies96Geese and babiesCanada Goose, posing54Canada Goose, posingStar Athena60Star AthenaGulls gulls, and more gulls60Gulls gulls, and more gullsWyatt exploring, in black and white60Wyatt exploring, in black and whiteChild exploring60Child exploringBike riders lining up63Bike riders lining upBaby Elf96Baby ElfWaves near lighthouse98Waves near lighthouseKayak in the waves96Kayak in the wavesHigh Tide96High TideSandra Wickham Fall Classic96Sandra Wickham Fall Classic