Stairs96StairsBeehive99BeehivePlaying Mahjong in China96Playing Mahjong in ChinaCow Bells in Switzerland96Cow Bells in SwitzerlandRestaurant in Shanghai96Restaurant in ShanghaiSkee Ball96Skee BallAdvertisement96AdvertisementDust in the Harbor96Dust in the HarborHollywood Nostalgic-Dean and Marilyn98Hollywood Nostalgic-Dean and MarilynPopcorn in Quebec-Canada99Popcorn in Quebec-CanadaBack to the Future96Back to the FutureMakeup Brushes in China96Makeup Brushes in ChinaMuseum in Leiden-Netherlands98Museum in Leiden-NetherlandsBike Lockers in Utah99Bike Lockers in UtahTrain crossing96Train crossing24 hour clock in Brazil9924 hour clock in BrazilCheese Store in Amsterdam96Cheese Store in AmsterdamArtistic99ArtisticSIR starting line in Canada98SIR starting line in CanadaTrain coupling99Train coupling