Rather tired15Rather tiredSize doesn't matter16Size doesn't matterBored goldfish24Bored goldfishDog tired12Dog tiredKitten asleep12Kitten asleepSurplus zucchini24Surplus zucchiniTired tiger20Tired tigerWaking up is so very hard to do!81Waking up is so very hard to do!Tired...60Tired...Dog tired90Dog tiredYup!90Yup!Just a little snooze56Just a little snoozeNeed-more-sleep24Need-more-sleepBoring newspaper70Boring newspaperZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz54ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzHungry27HungryWin-doze Z?88Win-doze Z?Sleepy bunny and giraffe12Sleepy bunny and giraffeWar and peace?72War and peace?Tired turtle21Tired turtle