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scenery (351)
art (277)
colors (275)
landscape (249)
sky (244)
painting (220)
sea (155)
sunset (155)
fantasy (138)
ocean (125)
clouds (123)
city (110)
trees (106)
animal (104)
water (93)
seascape (90)
beautiful (85)
mountains (81)

138 puzzles tagged fantasy
Tags to specify: +esao +dreamscape +sterrett +tale +sf +lotr +science-fiction +fairytale +andrews +illustration

The Fall of Atlantis, credit: stardriv(dA)300The Fall of Atlantis, credit: stardriv(dA)Forest Family, credit: TrollGirl(dA)300Forest Family, credit: TrollGirl(dA)Deceased in the Astral Realm, credit: shanysh(dA)300Deceased in the Astral Realm, credit: shanysh(dA)Space narwhal, credit: lucky978(dA)300Space narwhal, credit: lucky978(dA)Iridescent, credit: trollgirl(dA)300Iridescent, credit: trollgirl(dA)Cendre, credit: katikut(dA)300Cendre, credit: katikut(dA)Narsilion, credit: breathing2004(dA)300Narsilion, credit: breathing2004(dA)Winged wolf, credit: lucky978(dA)300Winged wolf, credit: lucky978(dA)Open mind260Open mindBreath of life, credit: trollgirl(dA)300Breath of life, credit: trollgirl(dA)Earth Mermaid, credit: friendofbillw(Tumblr)300Earth Mermaid, credit: friendofbillw(Tumblr)Swoop, credit: myrret(dA)300Swoop, credit: myrret(dA)Nightmare moon, credit: sandara(dA)300Nightmare moon, credit: sandara(dA)Heal, credit: trollgirl(dA)300Heal, credit: trollgirl(dA)Burst, credit: lucky978(dA)289Burst, credit: lucky978(dA)Athena goddesses, credit: ninejear(dA)270Athena goddesses, credit: ninejear(dA)Reaching land -  Anton Jakovljevic Lomaeva273Reaching land - Anton Jakovljevic LomaevaThe Thirteenth Princess - Laurel Long300The Thirteenth Princess - Laurel LongTo find peace, credit: trollgirl(dA)300To find peace, credit: trollgirl(dA)Perilous battle - Laurel Long300Perilous battle - Laurel Long