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Alignment of planets78Alignment of planetsClouds moving in120Clouds moving inToo hungry to be clean99Too hungry to be cleanTearoom offering110Tearoom offeringRainbow meadow108Rainbow meadowPerfect shot!99Perfect shot!Quaint parlour117Quaint parlourPicnic on the beach108Picnic on the beachStone art, Hungary100Stone art, HungaryGrew old together108Grew old togetherYellow peace108Yellow peaceHealthy eating108Healthy eatingA blend of cats90A blend of catsCastle in Montana, USA120Castle in Montana, USAGolden braesides117Golden braesidesVibrant blue100Vibrant blueToo many cooks99Too many cooksLunchtime100LunchtimeScottish beauty112Scottish beautyScottish stream117Scottish stream