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GM Parade of Progress bus24GM Parade of Progress busSquares of color20Squares of colorTypewritten message18Typewritten messageBlue bike rider9Blue bike riderYellow bike rider12Yellow bike riderGrilled burgers18Grilled burgersChicken and strawberry salad24Chicken and strawberry saladWest Texas Motorcycle Ride24West Texas Motorcycle RideEl Camino Restaurant. Harbor24El Camino Restaurant. HarborBig Bend National Park Texas24Big Bend National Park TexasSpices20SpicesTex- Mex Tacos, rice and beans20Tex- Mex Tacos, rice and beansTex-Mex, Enchiladas, rice and beans20Tex-Mex, Enchiladas, rice and beansRolls Royce Phantom24Rolls Royce PhantomBlue Rolls Royce24Blue Rolls RoyceRolls Royce Phantom Serenity24Rolls Royce Phantom SerenityRolls Royce24Rolls RoyceSki Hill Grill, Michigan24Ski Hill Grill, MichiganRolls Royce Ghost24Rolls Royce GhostKlyde Warren Park, Dallas20Klyde Warren Park, Dallas