Squirrelly117SquirrellyCoopers Hawk130Coopers HawkCrowing160CrowingBranta canadensis128Branta canadensisAlfie16AlfieCanada Goose120Canada GooseCoopers Hawk + Mini Horse130Coopers Hawk + Mini HorseThe Bulldog120The BulldogMoggie120MoggieJasper120JasperBob and Charlotte117Bob and CharlotteHORSE RIDER130HORSE RIDERWhite Horse128White HorseAlfie in the Wildfire Haze117Alfie in the Wildfire HazeGreat Blue Heron120Great Blue HeronLucy20LucyDog, Parksville October 1976108Dog, Parksville October 1976Mule, Southlands November 2014117Mule, Southlands November 2014Donkey Man Paros Greece Jun 1981108Donkey Man Paros Greece Jun 1981Dog Walker May 2014112Dog Walker May 2014