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Mountain Village in Portugal54Mountain Village in PortugalAutumn in the Grand Tetons45Autumn in the Grand TetonsLake McDonald Cam 5:21pm on 1/25/1654Lake McDonald Cam 5:21pm on 1/25/16Lake McDonald Cam 5:19pm on 1/25/1650Lake McDonald Cam 5:19pm on 1/25/16Apgar Lookout Cam 11:54am 1/6/1645Apgar Lookout Cam 11:54am 1/6/16Apgar Lookout Cam 11:01am 1/6/1691Apgar Lookout Cam 11:01am 1/6/16Apgar Lookout Cam 10:49am 1/6/1654Apgar Lookout Cam 10:49am 1/6/16Apgar Lookout Cam 9:32am 1/6/1677Apgar Lookout Cam 9:32am 1/6/16Apgar Lookout Cam 9:23am 1/6/1650Apgar Lookout Cam 9:23am 1/6/16Apgar Lookout Cam 9:17am 1/6/1654Apgar Lookout Cam 9:17am 1/6/16Apgar Lookout Cam 9:08am on 1/6/1654Apgar Lookout Cam 9:08am on 1/6/16Lake McDonald Cam 4:33pm on 1/5/1645Lake McDonald Cam 4:33pm on 1/5/16Lake McDonald Cam 4:29pm on 1/5/1660Lake McDonald Cam 4:29pm on 1/5/16Lake McDonald Cam 4:25pm on 1/5/1654Lake McDonald Cam 4:25pm on 1/5/16Lake McDonald Cam 3:53pm on 1/5/1660Lake McDonald Cam 3:53pm on 1/5/16Apgar Lookout Cam 3:37pm on 1/5/1672Apgar Lookout Cam 3:37pm on 1/5/16Apgar Lookout Cam 3:24pm on 1/5/1677Apgar Lookout Cam 3:24pm on 1/5/16Apgar Lookout Cam 3:13pm on 1/5/1660Apgar Lookout Cam 3:13pm on 1/5/16Beautiful Scenery in South Africa 260Beautiful Scenery in South Africa 2Beautiful Scenery in South Africa60Beautiful Scenery in South Africa