Creating puzzles & working on other persons puzzles give me a lot of quite time. I don't sleep very well due to all that involves breast cancer. These puzzles help me take my mind off the situation. Please know if you do not like the style or amount of puzzle pieces simple click on the arrow and go to play as and you can change to the amount and style you wish . Enjoy


christmas 102×
vintage 92×
colorful 91×
art 63×
girl 54×
greeting 49×
snow 46×
card 45×
winter 35×
cat 34×

Ostatnie puzzle

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Enjoy Rainy Day99Enjoy Rainy DaySplashing in rain puddles100Splashing in rain puddlesUmbrella day96Umbrella dayPretty in Pink and Black99Pretty in Pink and BlackPretty in blue98Pretty in blueLady in Pink99Lady in PinkPrincess Di99Princess DiBird99BirdChristmas in a Jar98Christmas in a JarBling of a hat100Bling of a hat

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AlbumCover Beautiful LadiesAlbumCover Santa ClauseAlbumCover Flower ArtAlbumCover Animals of All KindAlbumCover African American ArtAlbumCover SignsAlbumCover Charlie Brown & PeanutsAlbumCover Mixed MediaAlbumCover Big Eyes ArtAlbumCover Jim Daly Art