Avocet on nest - Springwatch 2014136Avocet on nest - Springwatch 2014Bittern chick in close-up - Springwatch 2014136Bittern chick in close-up - Springwatch 2014Lion cubs play with mum140Lion cubs play with mumFamily of meerkats140Family of meerkatsIncubating dinner?126Incubating dinner?In step - left, right ...126In step - left, right ...Cheetah family140Cheetah familyMarius - RIP140Marius - RIPMad March hares126Mad March haresRuffy the baby wombat , Victoria Australia140Ruffy the baby wombat , Victoria AustraliaScarlet Macaws132Scarlet MacawsBlack Sheep130Black SheepBeautiful butterflies128Beautiful butterfliesBashful baby panda130Bashful baby pandaAdorable Dormouse128Adorable DormouseAfrican Lion Cub130African Lion CubCuracao reefscape130Curacao reefscapeCarpathian lynx126Carpathian lynxBlack-capped lory130Black-capped loryAmur tiger lies in the snow140Amur tiger lies in the snow