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Way Over Yonder80Way Over YonderUnderground Homes Seen in Castrojeriz120Underground Homes Seen in CastrojerizCamino Path Marker54Camino Path MarkerAlmost to Castrojeriz160Almost to CastrojerizMillian de la Cogolla in the Distance234Millian de la Cogolla in the DistanceAlmost to Najera192Almost to NajeraCrossing Into Estella Lizarra Rio Ega192Crossing Into Estella Lizarra Rio EgaIn Puente la Reina70In Puente la ReinaAll Camino Routes Converge In Puente la Reina180All Camino Routes Converge In Puente la ReinaSlight Detour Outside Pampoloma To See This120Slight Detour Outside Pampoloma To See ThisVillanua Road90Villanua RoadPilgrim Statue Downward Bound90Pilgrim Statue Downward BoundRest130RestPau Blvd de Pyrenees - Below View221Pau Blvd de Pyrenees - Below ViewPau Blvd de Pyrenees - Top View220Pau Blvd de Pyrenees - Top ViewL'isle-Jourdain Viaduct208L'isle-Jourdain ViaductToulouse Road190Toulouse RoadToulouse Along the Route209Toulouse Along the RouteOn The Way Toulouse Roman Road117On The Way Toulouse Roman RoadFloral Canal Divider - Narbonne204Floral Canal Divider - Narbonne