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Santiago Cathedral Spires in the Distance192Santiago Cathedral Spires in the DistanceAlbergue Operated by Santa Maria Church160Albergue Operated by Santa Maria ChurchLeon Day 1 Found It The Tapas Feast112Leon Day 1 Found It The Tapas FeastLeon Day 1 Just Point Me To Food120Leon Day 1 Just Point Me To FoodAdvertising Statue for the Sahagun Albergue108Advertising Statue for the Sahagun AlbergueHermitage la Virgen del Puente outside Sahagun110Hermitage la Virgen del Puente outside SahagunSeafood and Mushroom Snack150Seafood and Mushroom SnackCanal Locks at Fromista108Canal Locks at FromistaMillian de la Cogolla Monastery Square108Millian de la Cogolla Monastery SquareRest Area110Rest AreaMonastery at Najera Seplachure110Monastery at Najera SeplachureLogrono Camino Albergue Interior117Logrono Camino Albergue InteriorIglesia de Santa Maria de Los Arcos120Iglesia de Santa Maria de Los ArcosCastile de Jaca160Castile de JacaSomething To Eat After The Soak130Something To Eat After The SoakLong Deserved Soak in Jaca108Long Deserved Soak in JacaJaca Street Tour143Jaca Street Tour