In '76 I traveled Rt 66 and didn't know it. Now I do! So please enjoy my new puzzle journey The Mother Road. Have you explored my Find It collection? If I post a Puzzle titled "Find It" it is a slice of a previous picture/puzzle I have created. In other words; a puzzle within a puzzle. The goal is to play both the original (if you can find it) and the slice. No prizes, just fun. Enjoy! Don't forget to write me and tell me which one you liked best.


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POTW Bringing Home The Christmas Tree140POTW Bringing Home The Christmas TreeA Different Christmas Star63A Different Christmas StarChristmas Train80Christmas TrainBOOM77BOOMFind It - 14591Find It - 145A Crafty Snowflake48A Crafty SnowflakePOTW Santa's Pre Flight Check140POTW Santa's Pre Flight CheckServed Scallop130Served ScallopTower99TowerCricket on Vanuatu98Cricket on Vanuatu

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