blue 414×
green 392×
art 312×
trees 300×
water 223×
white 220×
children 205×
black 185×
flowers 175×
tree 171×

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Paul Gauguin - Paris70Paul Gauguin - ParisA Cat in the house56A Cat in the houseDriving to the 'Supervet' "}72Driving to the 'Supervet' "}Two giraffes, estimated to be some 7000-9000 yrs old60Two giraffes, estimated to be some 7000-9000 yrs oldShari Erickson - "Caribbean Curves"63Shari Erickson - "Caribbean Curves"Shari Erickson - "Harbor Watch"48Shari Erickson - "Harbor Watch"Shari Erickson -  beach stroll in the breeze48Shari Erickson - beach stroll in the breezeShari Erickson - Caribbean Cottage48Shari Erickson - Caribbean CottageShari Erickson - Caribbean Brunch42Shari Erickson - Caribbean BrunchWild flowers - England "Supervet"72Wild flowers - England "Supervet"

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