Golden Eagle60Golden EagleFire Wolf56Fire WolfFish amongst the Kelp filtered sunlight63Fish amongst the Kelp filtered sunlightBeautiful Himalayan Monal60Beautiful Himalayan MonalLone Wolf Howling at the Moon72Lone Wolf Howling at the MoonSteller's Jay - Zion Park - southwest USA60Steller's Jay - Zion Park - southwest USAWombat - Australia - as big as a dog "}70Wombat - Australia - as big as a dog "}white clouds in the blue sky60white clouds in the blue skyNatural camouflage - where is it?48Natural camouflage - where is it?Rainbow of Birds -Cornell Lab of Ornithology60Rainbow of Birds -Cornell Lab of OrnithologyMongolian wild horses70Mongolian wild horsesYoung Horses Frolicking70Young Horses FrolickingGrazing Appaloosas - Mare w/ her yearling70Grazing Appaloosas - Mare w/ her yearlingGalloping Horses56Galloping HorsesA Wild Mare and Her Colt60A Wild Mare and Her ColtLeopard Appaloossas64Leopard AppaloossasLippizanners in the Pasture72Lippizanners in the PastureConnemara ponies, Ireland70Connemara ponies, IrelandNuzzling Horses60Nuzzling HorsesAppaloosa mates60Appaloosa mates