Cardinal perched on a blurred branch70Cardinal perched on a blurred branchOwl on planked roof England72Owl on planked roof Englandwhite-winged dove (photo-changed?) .jpg63white-winged dove (photo-changed?) .jpgThe wake of a duck taking off. . .70The wake of a duck taking off. . .Great Horned owl in the western mountains60Great Horned owl in the western mountainsBlue-footed Booby70Blue-footed BoobyGolden Eagle60Golden EagleFire Wolf56Fire WolfFish amongst the Kelp filtered sunlight63Fish amongst the Kelp filtered sunlightBeautiful Himalayan Monal60Beautiful Himalayan MonalLone Wolf Howling at the Moon72Lone Wolf Howling at the MoonSteller's Jay - Zion Park - southwest USA60Steller's Jay - Zion Park - southwest USAWombat - Australia - as big as a dog "}70Wombat - Australia - as big as a dog "}Natural camouflage - where is it?48Natural camouflage - where is it?Rainbow of Birds -Cornell Lab of Ornithology60Rainbow of Birds -Cornell Lab of OrnithologyMongolian wild horses70Mongolian wild horsesYoung Horses Frolicking70Young Horses FrolickingGrazing Appaloosas - Mare w/ her yearling70Grazing Appaloosas - Mare w/ her yearlingGalloping Horses56Galloping HorsesA Wild Mare and Her Colt60A Wild Mare and Her Colt