Mother Eagle70Mother EagleSnowy Owl70Snowy OwlBearded Vulture Himalayas72Bearded Vulture HimalayasBlack-billed Magpie70Black-billed MagpieAtlantic royal flycatcher displaying crest70Atlantic royal flycatcher displaying crestAmazonian Royal Flycatcher70Amazonian Royal FlycatcherAllen's Hummingbird72Allen's HummingbirdRufous Hummingbird72Rufous HummingbirdA Fishing Cat70A Fishing CatAfrican wildcat- northern Africa- progenitor of the domestic cat70African wildcat- northern Africa- progenitor of the domestic catAfrican Serval cat70African Serval catManul -most ancient cat - round pupils63Manul -most ancient cat - round pupilsSand cat - African desert60Sand cat - African desertCaracals being sociable70Caracals being sociableArctic Wolves70Arctic WolvesRocky mountain gray wolf72Rocky mountain gray wolfManed wolf70Maned wolfDhole (canid) Asia72Dhole (canid) AsiaFossa hunting72Fossa huntingAfrican civet70African civet