SoCal gal who loves cooking, knitting, and building cushion forts. Fact: 250+ piece puzzles are the best.


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color 12×
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Berries for the cake (credit: Andrey Serkin on Flickr)300Berries for the cake (credit: Andrey Serkin on Flickr)Stamps (credit: (credit: sushi (credit: cherry bento on Flickr)252Technicolor sushi (credit: cherry bento on Flickr)Squash & Gourds (credit: Don3rdSE on Flickr)300Squash & Gourds (credit: Don3rdSE on Flickr)Autumn miniatures (credit: Vesi Koleva on Flickr)289Autumn miniatures (credit: Vesi Koleva on Flickr)Radish salad (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)300Radish salad (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)Vegetable caviar pasta (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)300Vegetable caviar pasta (credit: Crepes of Wrath blog)Breakfast candy (credit: lisa miller on Flickr)289Breakfast candy (credit: lisa miller on Flickr)Shh, I got this.. (credit: Curryuku on deviantart)300Shh, I got this.. (credit: Curryuku on deviantart)Tomatoes (credit: christinamoore34 on Flickr)300Tomatoes (credit: christinamoore34 on Flickr)


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