Three little raptors99Three little raptorsBeautifowl96BeautifowlOwls99OwlsEagle Owl99Eagle OwlDinner99DinnerPowerful owl by MickPhotography96Powerful owl by MickPhotographyMom and baby96Mom and babyThirst100ThirstYoung Great Grey owl96Young Great Grey owlYoung Brown Wood Owl100Young Brown Wood OwlWhite-faced Scops Owl by John Davies96White-faced Scops Owl by John DaviesOwl shaking off the remains of the passing tropical storm100Owl shaking off the remains of the passing tropical stormFrogmouth, Blyth's - female100Frogmouth, Blyth's - femaleWhat a beautiful owl100What a beautiful owlHoo are you?99Hoo are you?Spectacled Owl by Alan Shapiro99Spectacled Owl by Alan ShapiroShowl100ShowlIndian Scops Owls by Anup Deodhar96Indian Scops Owls by Anup DeodharCaptured By Thai Photographer Sasi99Captured By Thai Photographer SasiBon appétit99Bon appétit