"Welcome to my world, Won't you come on in Miracles, I guess Still happen now and then Step into my heart Leave your cares behind Welcome to my world Built with you in mind" (Elvis Presley)


landscape 2303×
mamile 1948×
animal 1456×
nature 1168×
bird 1040×
owl 881×
art 878×
city 536×
sky 530×
architecture 528×

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Kotor, a fortified town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast100Kotor, a fortified town on Montenegro’s Adriatic coastIlha Grande, RJ96Ilha Grande, RJOwls - the best therapy100Owls - the best therapyL'esprit du vent d'après Елена Саморядова99L'esprit du vent d'après Елена СаморядоваLe monastère de Likir, India96Le monastère de Likir, IndiaCemitério São João Baptista, RJ98Cemitério São João Baptista, RJTeach peace100Teach peaceOwl Art Suri99Owl Art SuriJardim das Esculturas, RS,BR96Jardim das Esculturas, RS,BRThe Sinking Castle of Lake Garda, Italy99The Sinking Castle of Lake Garda, Italy

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