Hello puzzlers, I'm Barbara. I make puzzles of anything that interests me, mostly big and colourful! You can always play them smaller. English/Français, no problem, I like to hear from you. Right now I only just have time to do my own puzzles so I don't do many from my friends. It'll all come around...


colourful 2455×
art 1424×
flowers 704×
landscape 682×
abstract 595×
paintings 395×
houses 377×
painting 353×
trees 342×
animals 267×

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tree by Lawrie Dignan252tree by Lawrie Dignanlayers210layersred fox, Liz Huppert108red fox, Liz HuppertSofia's taverna, Olympos Karpathos80Sofia's taverna, Olympos Karpathosshells32shellslady of the forest252lady of the forestso long summer, welcome autumn209so long summer, welcome autumna walk in the park110a walk in the parkparasol108parasolcoming in to Capri35coming in to Capri

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