Hello puzzlers, I'm Barbara. I make puzzles of anything that interests me, mostly big and colourful! You can always play them smaller. English/Français, no problem, I like to hear from you. I'm sorry I can't play all your puzzles, I do what I can! Now it's priority to the garden, spring...XB I've added a new album, 'wonderful photos'. There will never be much in there...


colourful 2028×
art 1342×
flowers 614×
landscape 583×
abstract 478×
painting 323×
trees 302×
houses 271×
ocean 234×
animals 233×

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flower decor252flower decorflower doodle252flower doodleFanes108Fanesmandala maze110mandala mazeHigh Glanau (National Garden Scheme)35High Glanau (National Garden Scheme)firebirds252firebirdssummer sun252summer sunfishing boats, Malta112fishing boats, MaltaBeach bar70Beach bargeraniums35geraniums

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