Hello puzzlers, I'm Barbara. I make puzzles of anything that interests me, mostly big and colourful! You can always play them smaller. English/Français, no problem, I like to hear from you. Right now I only just have time to do my own puzzles so I don't do many from my friends. It'll all come around...


colourful 2257×
art 1398×
flowers 667×
landscape 647×
abstract 548×
houses 336×
trees 328×
paintings 326×
painting 322×
animals 249×

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abstract252abstractbeachside BBQ, Reg Nolan252beachside BBQ, Reg NolanAsterix and friends110Asterix and friendsTalavera cat110Talavera catalpine flowers35alpine flowersspiral galaxy252spiral galaxymonsters252monstersstill life with 3 fish, John Nolan110still life with 3 fish, John Nolanout of the box110out of the boxBaltic beach35Baltic beach

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