I make some puzzles, all of them are public. If it's not related to VOCALOID or FOOD(yum), it will maybe be some aleatory beautiful image I found somewhere. Have Fun! ;D


anime 226×
vocaloid 210×
beautiful 140×
food 102×
kagamine 95×
delicious 89×
cute 84×
len 76×
rin 68×
girl 65×

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Painted violin42Painted violinDrums108DrumsHarpsichord48HarpsichordHarpsichord12HarpsichordHarpsichord48HarpsichordPipe organ in Mexico City's Cathedral140Pipe organ in Mexico City's CathedralOrgan96OrganPipe organ98Pipe organOrgan98OrganGuitar and a flower42Guitar and a flower

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