Colors, patterns, history, literature, architecture and culture, worlds beyond the real. Illustration from many lands.


architecture 29×
animals 13×
russia 13×
scotland 12×
illustration 11×
photobomb 11×
fairy 10×
paper 10×

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Great Jumping Pygmy Goat120Great Jumping Pygmy GoatFoxlings (kits)120Foxlings (kits)Australian quokka88Australian quokkaBaby owl and chapeau110Baby owl and chapeauA Quacker110A QuackerBarker's Blackthorn Fairy120Barker's Blackthorn FairyBarker's Rose Fairy120Barker's Rose FairyC.M. Barker flower fairy108C.M. Barker flower fairyBarker Heart'sease Fairy91Barker Heart'sease FairyPretty Hummer120Pretty Hummer


Album The Czarina's PhotobombsAlbum The Working Czarina's Pix