High Point of Denali National Park
Winter Snow Comes Early in Alaska
Hidden Alpine Lake - North Casades, Washington
Mt, Alpamayo in the Peruvian Andes
How the Andes Mountains Were Generated
Lake at Kluane National Park and Reserve
Colored Dunes in South Utah=Beauty
In Utah, they call them "the Bee Hives"
Sunset in the Sangres de Cristos - Jack Brauer
After the Storm - Reflections on Paria Canyon floor
Buckskin Gulch - part of Paria Canyon
Autumn's Coming - Heapy, UK
Incredible beauty of the Wave - Paria Canyon
Sunrise at Dream Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park
One Day after the Monsoon - Apache Junction, AZ
Fishermen on the Li River, China
Portland Head Lighthouse, Cape Elizabeth, ME
Storm coming to Great Sand Dunes Nat. Park
Afternoon sun creates dramatic shadow patterns
Hoodoos in Wall Street Section, Bryce Canyon