Grizzly bears fishing for salmon, Brooks Falls
Young Red-eared Slider turtle comes up for air
Cretan mountain goat, Kri Kri
Black Bear at Horseshoe Basin Junction
'Icon of the American West, Bison Bull'
Taos Pueblo Horses in pasture in winter
Iberian Lynx in Donnana National Park Project
Wild horses (equus ferus) share space with other animals
A lynx cub being fed at breeding center at Donana National Park
Puma and cub at San Guillermo Nat. Park, Argentina
Running Horses in Canyon de Chelly
Wild and Free - Canadian Horses
The Wild Horse
Kakadu National Park - Kangaroo (wildlife)
Coatimundi seen under bird feeders at Madera Canyon
JAGUAR PHOTO - remote camera
Is this Marmot love? or pushing?
Rare Arizona Jaguar
American Bison grazing on Theodore Roosevelt Nat. Park, ND
Wild Paint Pony running free