Santa hat
Running Horses in Canyon de Chelly
Wild and Free - Canadian Horses
The Wild Horse
Kakadu National Park - Kangaroo (wildlife)
Coatimundi seen under bird feeders at Madera Canyon
JAGUAR PHOTO - remote camera
Is this Marmot love? or pushing?
Rare Arizona Jaguar
American Bison grazing on Theodore Roosevelt Nat. Park, ND
Wild Paint Pony running free
Walrus at Greenland National Park
Scottish wildcat in Cairngorms National Park
Cougar and cub by a lake
Mother and foal - Connemara Ponies
Antelope Jack Rabbit at Saguaro Nat. Park
Touch of Sun on wild horses in the woods
Mother and young Ibex climbing a Dam
A Chamois in the Ecrins National Park
Cute German Shepherd Puppy
Panther in the Everglades