christmas 110×
winter 87×
snow 50×
holidays 40×
holiday 16×
coffee 13×
seasonal 13×
cakes 12×
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princess 12×
87 puzzles tagged winter
The Tack Cottage Entryway
The Powder Room Entryway
The Backyard at Christmas Castle
Glassed-in Gazebo
And I heard him proclaim, as he drove out of sight...
Cape May, NJ -- Dormer House at Christmas
Cape May, NJ Corner Church in Snow
Cape May, NJ -- Victorian Home in the snow
Brrr... How still and gorgeous is this winter night!
Pretty Christmas Tree
Victorian Christmas Tree
Ireland... Decked in snow for Christmas
Christmas Winter Wonderland Tree -- Bev Chapple
White Music Paper Christmas Theme... Mercury Glass Candlesticks
Artfully Decorated Holiday Wreath -- Love it!
Rosecliff Mansion -- decorated for Christmas
Snow-covered, Beautifully decorated, Christmas House!
Charming Santas - Sue Turiano
Victorian Lady dressed in White for Christmas
Candle-lit Mantle and warm glow on the hearth