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Quilt Shop300Quilt ShopButterfly Cat156Butterfly CatBlack Painted Cat98Black Painted CatOwl-Pussycat by Helena Nelson-Reed289Owl-Pussycat by Helena Nelson-ReedThe Corner Store by Joseph Burgess300The Corner Store by Joseph BurgessTraveling Tabby by Charles Wysocki300Traveling Tabby by Charles WysockiSinger by Charles Wysocki300Singer by Charles WysockiPrickley Pear & Poncho by Charles Wysocki300Prickley Pear & Poncho by Charles WysockiPharmacy Cat by Charles Wysocki300Pharmacy Cat by Charles WysockiGarden Shed Tabby by Charles Wysocki300Garden Shed Tabby by Charles WysockiFredrick the Literate by Charles Wysocki300Fredrick the Literate by Charles WysockiFishermans Friend by Charles Wysocki300Fishermans Friend by Charles WysockiEthel the Gourmet by Charles Wysocki300Ethel the Gourmet by Charles WysockiColorful Kitty300Colorful KittyCat Wings210Cat WingsSugar Skull & Cat204Sugar Skull & CatMexican Day of the Dead Cat240Mexican Day of the Dead CatLunas Dream260Lunas DreamGat Laura Barbosa160Gat Laura BarbosaMabel the Stowaway300Mabel the Stowaway