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Alsace,France4182Alsace,France4Colmar, France5180Colmar, France5Bandstand at the Pepiniere Park, Nancy, France180Bandstand at the Pepiniere Park, Nancy, FranceGrasse, France180Grasse, FranceCote d'Azure, France1182Cote d'Azure, France1Montmartre, Paris, France182Montmartre, Paris, FranceConques, France182Conques, FranceCafé du Métro - Paris, France182Café du Métro - Paris, FranceLe Pont Mirabeau, Paris, France170Le Pont Mirabeau, Paris, FranceDordogne, France180Dordogne, FranceAlsace,France2182Alsace,France2Paris, France4182Paris, France4Collonges-la Rouge, France180Collonges-la Rouge, FranceLac d'Annecy, France182Lac d'Annecy, FranceColmar, France2180Colmar, France2Gallery Lafayette, Paris, France182Gallery Lafayette, Paris, FranceOrnate Window, France168Ornate Window, FranceFougeres, France182Fougeres, FranceGageac, France182Gageac, FranceHunawihr,Alsace,France180Hunawihr,Alsace,France