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Arabian Nights, Sterrett120Arabian Nights, SterrettArabian Nights120Arabian NightsThe Goose Girl byJennie Harbour130The Goose Girl byJennie HarbourThe Frog Princess by Gennady Spirin120The Frog Princess by Gennady SpirinLa fable de la girafe by AquaSixio117La fable de la girafe by AquaSixioLe Trésor de Rackham le Rouge cover illustration by Hergé120Le Trésor de Rackham le Rouge cover illustration by HergéLev-Tokmakov--Fairy-Tales-about-Animals--1973120Lev-Tokmakov--Fairy-Tales-about-Animals--1973Wynken Blynken and Nod, Wooden Shoe120Wynken Blynken and Nod, Wooden Shoe07-Rudolf-Mates--illus.-for-A-Forest-Story-by-Josef-Kozisek12007-Rudolf-Mates--illus.-for-A-Forest-Story-by-Josef-KozisekRudolf-Mates, illus. for A Forest Story by Josef Kozisek120Rudolf-Mates, illus. for A Forest Story by Josef KozisekWm. Grout120Wm. Grout01-nell-witters-50watts11701-nell-witters-50watts21-Artus Scheiner, Princess Goldie12021-Artus Scheiner, Princess Goldie09-Nell-Witters-50watts12009-Nell-Witters-50wattsAbigail-Rorer--Mimpish-Squinnies--copyright-2007--4119Abigail-Rorer--Mimpish-Squinnies--copyright-2007--404-Olfers, Children of the Root-192812004-Olfers, Children of the Root-192806-Olfers, Children of the Root-192812006-Olfers, Children of the Root-192805-Olfers, Children of the root, 192811705-Olfers, Children of the root, 1928FishOnAWalk_900120FishOnAWalk_900Fish on a walk by Muggenthaler120Fish on a walk by Muggenthaler