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155 results for "children's tales" elves lore fairies
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Thumbelina, Adrienne Segur130Thumbelina, Adrienne SegurLisbeth Zwerger120Lisbeth ZwergerLisbeth Zwerger, Wizard of Oz120Lisbeth Zwerger, Wizard of OzLisbeth Zwerger, Poppies in Oz110Lisbeth Zwerger, Poppies in OzLisbeth Zwerger, Out of the Picture120Lisbeth Zwerger, Out of the PictureLisbeth Zwerger ? Little Match Girl120Lisbeth Zwerger ? Little Match GirlBaba Yaga120Baba YagaThe Green Snake, Adrienne Segur130The Green Snake, Adrienne SegurThe Seven Crow Princess, Adrienne Segur130The Seven Crow Princess, Adrienne SegurSnow White 2, Charles Santore120Snow White 2, Charles SantoreSnow White, Charles Santore120Snow White, Charles SantoreLittle Red Riding Hood, Adrienne Segur130Little Red Riding Hood, Adrienne SegurBlue Crest, Adrienne Segur117Blue Crest, Adrienne SegurLittle red light house 5120Little red light house 5María José Olavarría Madariaga, Verso 5130María José Olavarría Madariaga, Verso 5Wayne Anderson120Wayne AndersonWilly Schermele, Pied Piper of Hamelin130Willy Schermele, Pied Piper of HamelinNicolleta Ceccoli2132Nicolleta Ceccoli2Principess Abassris, Martina Pelusp130Principess Abassris, Martina PeluspMaja Lindberg 10120Maja Lindberg 10