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407 puzzles tagged janice

Rubix Tubes25Rubix TubesThen and There25Then and ThereParaphinan Proangle30Paraphinan ProangleIndia25IndiaIn line for Mom's attention4In line for Mom's attentionA fine feathered friend9A fine feathered friendThe Mice Man Cometh4The Mice Man ComethSquares are colorful, too25Squares are colorful, tooChrómata kai strofés25Chrómata kai strofésWe're not just about Halloween, you know9We're not just about Halloween, you knowFantastic25FantasticHey, the pizza's here4Hey, the pizza's hereMom crocheted me a cap...12Mom crocheted me a cap...Washi Tape25Washi TapeNo starch, please4No starch, pleaseVaxholm, Sweden25Vaxholm, SwedenCrepe Paper Streamers20Crepe Paper StreamersA Little House25A Little HouseWho's stringing me along?4Who's stringing me along?Lullaby of Rainbows25Lullaby of Rainbows