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architecture 55×

293 puzzles tagged colorful

No Herding Required4No Herding RequiredRain Rummy25Rain RummyVintage Fabric25Vintage FabricRainbow Home in Peoria25Rainbow Home in PeoriaTrivoli Triangles25Trivoli TrianglesSwirling16SwirlingOn the Brighter Side25On the Brighter SideMerrily We Roll Along16Merrily We Roll AlongMiles of Smiles4Miles of SmilesPiles of Smiles4Piles of SmilesIsles of Smiles16Isles of SmilesIncomparable25IncomparablePreferred Painting25Preferred PaintingNeon Daisy16Neon DaisyMostly Smiling Balloons20Mostly Smiling BalloonsLocation, Location, Location25Location, Location, LocationPuzzled Apple16Puzzled AppleCrepe Paper25Crepe PaperBeatrice and the Butterfly16Beatrice and the ButterflyPervasive Purple25Pervasive Purple